Wild Horses at Corolla Beach (Photos)

If you take Highway 12 North as far as it will take you, you’ll end up at Corolla Beach. There are houses up the beach but there are no paved roads, so the beach traffic you see down there can be a little out of the ordinary. I saw everything from minivans to trash trucks, and  18 wheelers loaded down with lumber riding down the beach.

Along with an assortment of traffic, you’ll find wild horses, Spanish Mustangs to be specific. It’s an interesting experience fishing on that beach and having to lift your fishing poles up so the horses have room to walk under them. They may be “wild” but they’re accustom to seeing people and vehicles everyday.  The fishing was pretty slow only a dog fish, a few blow fish, blues, and small speckled trout, so I took a few photos.

For more information on the Wild Horses of Corolla, check out www.corollawildhorses.com