NukoTools Punch Ring Accessory: The Tactical Keyring

punch ring brass knuckle self defenseThe NukoTools  (pronounced ‘Knuckle-Tools’ ) punch ring is made from 1/4″ peel ply G10, a material commonly used for knife handle scales. G10 is very light weight, strong, and impact resistant making it a perfect material for this application.The back and sides are smooth, while the peel ply side has a medium texture.

The design is simple and clean. A one inch diameter hole provides plenty of room for middle finger, and scalloped edges allow the pointer and ring finger to lay comfortably outside the ring. The ring comes to a point on the business end, and 2 milled out semi-circles spit the contact edge into 3 separate areas. The separation allows the point of the tool to penetrate slightly deeper than it would otherwise, and provides an almost serrated surface for maximum damage.

The butt end of the tool contacts the middle of the palm where the thumb is jointed, providing a stable hold while allowing the palm to absorb any impact shock rather than the fingers. The Nuko skull logo is nicely milled into the butt of the tool along with a lanyard hole which easily accepts 550 paracord.

punch ring brass knuckles

If you’re a gear nerd like myself, you’ll enjoy having a NukoTool in your pocket. Hopefully it’s something you’ll never need, but it’s small and light enough, you might as well carry it. I prefer to carry mine in the pocket with a simple lanyard for accessibility.

If you’re worried about the legality of carrying it, just slap it on your keyring or a lanyard. It is just a keyring accessory after all, right?

NukoTools has a number of different models made from various materials including stainless steel and titanium. You can find out more on their Facebook page, or on their website.