Pickpocket Torq

Pangea Designs Titanium pick pocket keychain tool mulititool For as long as I’ve carried a set of keys I’ve used something to clip them to a belt loop. I prefer to keep my pockets free of keys leaving space for my other EDC gear, so for years I used a keychain carabiner. Over the past year I’ve been carrying my keyring on a little titanium gadget I found on Kickstarter called the Pickpocket, made by Pangea Designs out of my home state of NC.

The Pickpocket is essentially the size of a house key which really slimmed down my bulkier carabiner carry system. It also gave me two additional tools — a bottle opener claw, and a ¼” hex wrench (only on the Torq model). The hex wrench will hold standard driver bits for even more utility. In my book more functionality in a smaller package is a win-win.

The primary function of the Pickpocket the pocket clip, and it works awesome. The pocket clip design slides over belt loops effortlessly and holds securely thanks to the clip’s bracket-shaped slot. The clip slot is wide enough to accommodate pretty much any belt loop or pocket.

Pangea designs titanium Torq multitool keyring

Now, I know some people won’t spend $25 on a pocket knife let alone a key-sized piece of titanium, but you will literally use this thing every single day. In the market of tiny multi tools Pangea’s price tag is very friendly compared to most of the other keychain gadgets out there. More and more of them seem to be popping up everywhere lately. Some of those other tools go for $100 on up to. Maybe Pangea Designs should add a 15¢ driver bit and a couple of rubber o-rings to their already awesome tool and raise the price 150% (please don’t ever do that).

The Pickpocket will set you back $20 for either the Torq or Alpha version. Anodized versions are available for an additional $5. Check the Pangea Designs website for more information or to pick one up for yourself.