Jeff White Trade Knife

18th Century hand forged knife

The Jeff White Trade Knife is a replica of those commonly used in the 18th century. The knife uses period appropriate materials like high carbon steel, wooden handle scales and brass pins that secure the handle. The Trade Knife is a hand-crafted, simple, made-to-be-used knife. As a bushcraft blade or hunting knife, the Trade Knife is up to the task. 

The Trade Knife is forged from high carbon 1095 and hardened to 58-60 HRC. The knife just over 9″ overall with a 5 ¼” blade. The 1 ¼” wide blade is ground slightly convex and ends at a razor sharp edge. It is easily sharpened and holds an edge well. Overall the knife is sturdy despite it’s relatively thin 3/32” blade stock.

The blade features Jeff White’s makers mark on the presentation side along with 3 notches along the spine of the blade for visual appeal. The spine of the knife is sharply squared off making it a great striker for a ferrocerium rod or flint. The squared spine useful in processing tender for fire making as well. The flats of the blade are unfinished with the forged firescale while the bevel is satin finished. Being made of high carbon steel, keeping the knife oiled is important to warding off rust. Over time the blade will develop a natural patina that will help protect against rust.

The handle of the knife is made of curly maple and is available in two styles, English or French — squared or rounded, with either a red or brown finish. The handles are well secured with epoxy and brass pins. The handle provides full grip and is comfortable in hand with no noticeable hotspots.

forged knife  blacksmith

The sheath is a traditional loop over sewn leather pouch sheath made by Robert Jones. The knife carries deep in the sheath and grips the handle nicely. The deep carry helps to secure the blade from falling out, and protects the handle from the elements on the trail. The Trade Knife is available with or without a sheath if you prefer to have one made to your specifications.

Considering that two craftsmen have hand made the knife and sheath, the value of the Trade Knife is pretty astounding. The Trade Knife with sheath can be had for $50-$60 depending on where you purchase yours, or who has them in stock at the time. Without the sheath the knife is around $35. That’s right. A hand forged, hand ground, hand assembled knife for $35. You can find Jeff White Knives on his website, his Ebay store and at Dave Canterbury’s Pathfinder store.

Jeff White makes each of his knives by had and offers a lifetime warranty which is as follows: “If you are unhappy for any reason, I will refund, repair or replace your item at no charge!” With a warranty like that, there’s no reason not to try one of his knives. Also, his makers-mark is a beard and that is awesome.