Snody Knives Escalade Titanium Elite Friction Folder


Mike Snody is quite the personality. After stumbling across his YouTube channel a few years ago, his character really caught my interest and so did his work. Snody’s knives are uniquely his own. Snody has several popular designs — folders, fixed blades and a variety of credit card knives and impact tools. Benchmade and Ka-Bar have manufactured production models of some of his designs. Even as an accomplished knife designer and full time maker Mike still personally interacts with his customers online and over the phone.

When Snody joined the knife community on Instagram he had a number of killer sales on some of his most popular blades. I was happy to get in on the list for one of ten of the initial run of his new Escalade Titanium Elite Friction Folder model.

Being a friction folder, this knife has no lock, spring, or detent to hold it open or closed. It is simply held open and closed by friction. The tang of the blade extends into the handle when opened. The hand’s placement over that tang keeps the blade from closing while the knife is in use. Torx screws allow for easy pivot tension adjustments.

IMG_3645The Escalade features 2.5″ leaf shape blade that is hollow ground on one side with an aggressive top swedge to compliment the primary grind. A thumb hole in the blade can be used for easy one hand opening. The opposite side of the blade is clear of any grind lines except the secondary bevel.

The blade is made of 6AL4V titanium, not steel. The titanium has been bead-blasted, anodized a beautiful deep blue color and given a carbide edge for durability. Mike hand applies to each blade helps strengthen the edge so the blade stays sharp longer. The pattern and sandstone-like texture of the carbide adds to the visual appeal of this knife, while the extended blade tang features two tapered and polished holes that offer an additional pop of blue. Snody’s use of color anodizing, carbidizing, and contrasting finishes on this knife really show off the versatility of titanium.


The knife handle is made of the same 6AL4v titanium as the blade. Like the blade it is bead blasted, but left it’s natural titanium color. The natural titanium contrasts beautifully with the deep blue blade. Each handle scale has milled in slots, a lanyard hole and Snody’s $ logo. The gear textured backspacer is made of grey G10. The lighter tone of backspacer adds a touch of contrast to the handle design.


The finger grooves in the handle are perfectly positioned and all of the edges of the handle have been rounded for a comfortable grip. When holding the knife, each finger falls exactly where it’s supposed too. For such a small knife, even large sized hands can get a full four-finger grip on the handle. And get this, the knife only weighs 1.6 ounces. That’s right, at 6″ overall length the Escalade Titanium Elite Friction Folder weighs less than a hand full of pocket change.

IMG_3659 IMG_3653IMG_3651 IMG_3643

The Snody Escalade a gentleman’s knife, a perfect knife to carry to dinner on the town. With it’s light weight and catchy looks it’s a prime candidate as a dress blade. I’m glad to finally own one of his knives. If you’re lucky enough to have a chance to get one of Snody’s products, jump on it. Keep an eye on his Instagram for sales and things Snody.