Spyderco Tenacious Review & Zip-tie Mod

The $35 Emerson opener.

The Tenacious is one of Spyderco’s entry-level priced knives. It’s part of the sub $50 family of knives which includes the Ambitious, Persistance, and Resilience. Of them all, the Tenacious is the most fitting EDC blade with it’s 4 ½” closed length and 7 ¾” over all length. Weighing in at 4oz, the Tenacious has a little more heft than some other EDC options, but its worth its weight with all its great features.

The Tenacious features a 3 ½”  full flat ground (FFG), leaf-shaped blade, made out of the popular 8Cr13MoV steel. Thanks to the FFG, the blade excels in slicing tasks and resharpening is a breeze. FFG is quickly becoming my preferred blade grind. The tip is precise but not too delicate thanks to the 3mm blade thickness.

The flow-thru pillar construction helps keep the inside of the knife debris free, and allows you to clearly see the milled steel liners. Those steel liners and solid liner lock make the Tenacious a strong knife made for daily use.

Zip-tie mod pocket wave opening

Medium textured G-10 handles provide positive traction without being to abrasive and the beveled edges providing a comfortable grip around the hand-filling handle. The jimping along the thumb-ramp and lockbar within the finger groove provide even more traction.

The pocket clip is perfect. Polished stainless and sturdy and is 4-way positionable, but you’ll want to carry this knife tip up to take advantage of the zip-tie mod.

Emerson Opening Zip-Tie Modification

What’s made this knife my new favorite EDC is a simple modification/addition. Of course the Spydie Hole can be used for one-handed deployment just like a thumb-stud, but it also lends itself to an even faster opening method – the wave.

Like the Cold Steel Spartan and other Emerson style openers, with the addition of a 10¢ zip-tie you can deploy most any Spyderco folder as you draw it from your pocket. It may not seem like much, but having your knife ready to use the instant it leaves your pocket saves seconds every time you deploy, and in some situations those seconds can be valuable.

Here’s an easy How-To video on the zip-tie mod if your unfamiliar with Emerson style openers. It’s pretty self explanatory.

G10 C122GPGR If you’re as tired of black on stainless as I am, you’re in luck. Spyderco has limited runs of the Tenacious with blue G10 handles as well as green G10.

I’ve got one on the way from BladeHQ. If they’re still in stock you should pick one up. They’re the same price as the standard black handled Tenacious, but they are limited.

Overall, I’m glad I picked up the Tenacious. It was my first Spyderco, but it won’t be the last. I’ll soon have 2 once my green Tenacious gets shipped, and I’m sure there will be more. I’ve fallen in love with the quality and attention to detail, even on a $35 China made knife.