Back Country Navigator for Android

Back Country Navigator Pro lets you turn your Android powered phone into a GPS. Thats right, here is another High-Tech Redneck: Hunting And Shooting App.

Back Country Navigator (BCN) is an easy to use GPS software. It’s also a great app for marking hiking trails using its “Record a Track” feature. The app also includes a digital compass. You can select from arial photography views, and topographic maps. Maps in BCN are compas oriented, so the maps move and turn with you.

The topographic maps are a great tool to use to find choke points and funnels that critters are likely to travel. I use them to find possible locations for new stand setups. I also use the app to mark waypoints for stand locations, and scrapes and rubs while scouting. The app provides plenty of different waypoint icons so you can easily differentiate them. I use the tree icon for stand locations, and the deer icon for deer sign.

You can use the “Record a Track” feature that will trace your trail as you move to track downed game, or to mark a stealthy path to that perfect stand location. The trip calculator can keep track of the time and distance you’ve traveled, along with your altitude and speed.

This app will set you back $10, which is expensive for one app, but is considerably cheaper than a hand held GPS unit. There is a free demo version, but it only has limited features. I’d suggest trying the free version before dropping the extra coin for the Pro.

Here a few screen shots provided by the app developer:
(c’mon, I can give away my secret spots)