Fenix E01 – The Perfect Mini LED Flashlight

Light weight flash light LEDThe Fenix E01 is such an impressive little light. For it’s price, it’s size, and its capabilities it’s a great buy. The single AAA mini light is just under 3 inches long — a tad longer than a tube of Chapstick. With a lithium battery, the EO1 weighs in at ¾ an ounce.

The body of the light is constructed of Type III hard anodized T6 aluminum, and features knurling around the body of the light for grip. Knurling around the head of the light allows for easier on/off actuation, and a flat tail cap allows the light to stand on end and act as a lamp.

The GS LED puts out 13 lumens of clean white light. Even with it’s shallow reflector, the EO1 throws a decent beam, but it spreads quickly into more of a flood light. For every day (night) use, it’s plenty of light. The emitter head is O-ring sealed giving this light a water proof rating down to 3 meters.

You might confuse your EO1 and Chapstick in your pocket, bit there’s an added benefit of having them both with you. The cap from a tube of Chapstick snaps perfectly onto the head of the EO1 and acts as a defuser for an even better lamp mode. Coincidence? Maybe but, if you’re not going to tote Chapstick with you, you can stow the cap on the back end of the EO1 and have it when you need it. It blew my mind when I found out about this little trick. You’ll understand when you see how perfectly the cap snaps onto the head of the light.

EOL fenix EDC light LED Lumins Chapstick Defuser ED multi-use Chapstick Defuser ED multi-use

The EO1 comes packaged with an extra O-ring, and  a split ring for keychain carry. If you’re looking to be a little more flashy with your EO1, it comes in 5 different colors; black, silver, orange, blue, and tactical pink. For around $12 you can pick up a couple, keep one in your pocket, and stow the other in a go bag, or attach it to a zipper so it’s quickly accessible.

This is no Preon 2, but if you want a light you can stick in your pocket or on a key chain and forget about it. the EO1 is perfect for you. Try one out. Carry a light with you and before long you’ll wonder why you did put one in your pocket years ago.