High-Tech Redneck: Hunting And Shooting Apps for Android?

That’s right, we’re going beyond hunting and shooting hardware, to software.

More and more people are using smart phones these days. As an outdoorsman there are a few apps that I’ve found useful, besides playing  Angry Birds to pass the time. A smart phone can be a great tool to have with you in the woods (don’t for get to put it on vib) or on the range. With built in camera, GPS, and data access, there are a lot of opportunities to put your device to work.

Most of these apps are paid, but some have trial or lite versions you can check out before you buy them.

I know when you think shot, photography probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but this app is full of options and effects that can make your photos look great. Next time your on the range with your buds or after you’ve retrieved that deer you shot; snap a few photos. You can share them with you friends later, or upload them straight to twitter or Facebook with TeetDeck.

Sam's Double

Remember the good times, snap some photos.

We all know that some days are better than others for hunting. There are a lot of factors that determine game movement, like weather, moon-phase, and the time of the year. Time2Hunt calculates game movement in any location you choose (current location or map location) and displays it as a bar graph. The app rates each days movement forecast 1-5 stars and  lists each day’s primary and secondary times for game movement so you have an idea of when your best chances for success are. Along with all this great information the T2H provides sunset/sunrise times and moon-phase as well.

Time2Hunt Screen Shot

Cabela’s Recon Hunt
This is one of the best applications for hunting and shooting I’ve found yet – No wonder, it’s from Cabela’s. This app isn’t just for the hunters, but also the shooters.

This app is full of features like maps, GPS trail marking, ballistics chart for 200+ pistol and rifle cartridges, sun and moon phases, and 1 click access to the Cabela’s store.  Another cool feature is the Blood Trail. Here you can mark your SHOT (your location when you shot), HIT (the location of the animal when you hit it), BLOOD (Track size and location of blood spots), and KILL marks the location of your harvested game.

Photos taken through this app can be geotagged to specific map locations such as the KILL spot. I can wait to use this App!

Cabela's Recon Hunt Screen Shot

Next time your in the Android Market think about giving these apps a try and let us know what you think.

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