Hunting Blind Bushcraft

I’m not to old to play fort in the woods! 

After a lot of talk my cousin Jordan and I have got together and done some bushcrafting. We decided to replace one of our hunting blinds that needed to be taken down for the summer with a shelter made of natural materials. We’ve used small limbs and saplings to construct the frame of our “shelter” and  tied everything into place with jute twine. At this point the frame for the shelter is 3/4 complete. All that’s left to do is cross-brace the wider spans, then weave in some smaller branches to stiffen up the structure.

Since the blind is on a shooting lane it only looks in one direction, so all we need is a window in the front and a door in the rear. The simple wedge design that should allow rain to run off the front end of the shelter.

The plan is to cover as much of shelter with natural material as we can. Later we’ll probably add some army surplus camouflage netting to hold everything in place. We may even add a tarp to keep the rain out if necessary.

Here’s a few photos of our progress so far.