Hunting Bluebills in Ohio

Bluebill Greater scaup diving ducks

Earlier this December myself and a couple of friends had the opportunity to hunt with some of the guys from Zink and Avian-X in Port Clinton, Ohio. We got a chance to tour the shop, see how the calls are made and do a little duck hunting. This is post is is 1 of 2 detailing our hunts from that weekend.

For our first morning hunt we loaded up a couple of boats with diver decoys and put out in Maumee Bay off of Lake Erie for a short boat ride to a man-made island. The island is protected by huge rocks all along the shore – this was our blind. The rocks offered enough structure to sit behind and enough contrast to keep us hidden from the ducks. We found a place to nestle into on the rocks while the pros set up the decoy spread.

We could see rafts of thousands of birds off in the distance. The birds that were coming to us were skirting outside of our spread to the other side of the island. After shooting a few birds on the pass, we decided to make a move and reset the spread just around the point of the island where the birds were working.

It wasn’t long after we got settled in again that had birds working into the decoys just like they were supposed too. We had singles, doubles, triples and at one point a group of close to 100 worked the spread. By 9:30 we had our 5-man limit of Bluebills.

Being able to hunt a new species and such a unique way really made this an exciting hunt. Getting to do it with some good buddies made it even better.