Kershaw Knife Obsession

Hello my name is Justin, and I have a knife obsession.

I’ll admit it, and those who know me know that I have a thing for knifes. Rarely will you find me without a blade in my pocket. In fact, today I’m sporting the Outdoor Edge Pocket-Lite (PL-10) with the HuntCast logo (Thanks Joe!). Bet you dont have one of those :).

With knives I like variety. I like quality. And I dont want to pay a ton for a knife that I’m going to use every day. If you’re the same way, you may want to check out Kershaw. Since picking up a number of there value priced blades I’ve acquired this thing for Kershaw Knives. Fathers day is next Sunday, guess what my dads getting?

Here is a list of some of my favorites from Kershaw’s Catalog.
I noted the ones I currently own with a *.

Most of These blades are 8CR13MOV stainless steel which is comprable to the better known AUS8. If you do your shopping right, you won’t pay more than $25 for any of these knives (except US made section) . Yeah, $25 and some less than $15! I’ve linked each knife to google shopping so you can check them out for yourself. If your looking to buy I’d suggest sticking with one seller per order to save on shipping.

EDC Blades

Hunting Knives

These are more expensive, but they’re USA made, and have that cool factor

I really appreciate value, and companies that produce quality stuff at a decent price. There are so many junk knifes out there that are made poorly and perform just as terribly.  Until recently I didn’t know you could get a quality knife at such a good price  –  and a lifetime warranty.  Yep, lifetime warranty on a $25 knife.

Now kershaw isn’t the only brand out there with quality blades. Check out CRKT, Outdoor Edge, and Buck. More on those some other time.