Preparing for Deer Camp 2011

It’s that time of the year again – the hot, humid days of July and August are draining, but they’re get me fired up for fall. Oh man, am I ready for those leaves to turn! In the midst of the 100° Carolina heat, I’ve decided to try and make a few preparations for Deer Camp 2011.

At our “camp” we’ve got a good set up – we set up under an open ended barn. We can set up all the tents, pull up the trucks, and have plenty of ventilation for a fire. It keeps everything nice and dry. But really, its not that glamourous, it used to be the shelter used for chicken manure from the nearby chicken houses.

The first thing I picked up was the new 8 man Coleman Instant Tent (cheaper to buy from here until 10.28.2011) and a set of MSR Groundhog stakes, because the stakes that come with any tent are usually poor quality. I like the idea of having a cabin tent with quick setup. It’s tall enough to stand in and big enough we can set up cots rather than sleeping on the ground.

Speaking of cots, I ordered one. I wanted a cot that was bigger than the standard GI type, so I ordered the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Cot, and this thing is the size of a twin bed when set up. That should make things more comfortable for long trips. It’s sure going to beat sleeping on that hard clay.

We’re planning for a couple of other amenities for this year, like an old wash tub for the fire, and maybe a Coleman Roadtrip grill, we might even bring something to sit on besides our tailgates.

Here are a few photos from last year.