RedHead “Be The Tree” Suit

With another hot bow season approaching some of you may be looking for a way to stay concealed and bug free without sweating the whole time your up the tree stand like some of my fellow members. Well, the five-star-rated “Be The Tree” suite from RedHead is a good option. I’ve used mine for a while now durring bow season in the fall and turkey season in the spring, and I’ve been impressed with it so far.

The “Be The Tree” suit isn’t just a good warm weather option, but it’s also a quick and easy concealment system. If you’re hoping to squeeze in an evening hunt right after work, just bring along the suite and slip it on before heading out to the woods and you’ll be camoed-up from head to toe.

bow hunting 3D suit camoThey suite comes in two color options: green and brown. I believe the brown pattern is the best option for its cross season versatility. However if you plan on hunting in evergreen areas, the green suite may be a better option for you.

The suite is 100% polyester. Unlike most of the 3D suites, it’s not mesh. The thin polyester fabric seems to be cooler than those mesh suits, and you can always crack the zipper a bit if you need to cool down. If your sitting on the ground try and stay clear of briers. They will snag onto the suit and can be a pain to get out of.

The suite comes with both the jacket and pants. The hacket is hooded and has a zipper, but be sure not to snag any of the leaf cutouts while zipping up the suit. The cuffs have elastic to keep sleeves in place while bow hunting.

The pants have an elastic band and will easily slip over any pants, shorts, or whatever you may or may not be wearing on those hot days. The only negative I can give the suite is the lack of elastic around the bottom of the pant legs. If you’re short legged like myself, you may find yourself walking on your pants from time to time. I’m planning on sewing in an elastic band myself around each leg to keep from ruining the suite. For you taller folks this shouldn’t be a problem.

To complete the system I usually wear a thin mesh face-mask, and a pair of mesh gloves to help fight off any mosquitos and stay hidden.

The “Be The Tree” suit great option for a quick and easy camo system, and a thin breathable option for the warmer seasons. It’s worth the $10 more you would pay for one of those scratchy mesh suits. You can pick one up online from Bass Pro for $69.99 (8.23.2021).

Of course if you’re really interested in keeping those bugs away you should pick up a ThermaCELL. Trust me on this one, those things are magical.