Tactical 22s

It’s hard for me to even think of spending $100 to have a little fun and shoot with friends, but it’s almost impossible not to if you want to shoot more than a few minutes.

Enter the .22 long rifle.
For long days of plinking and target shooting – there is no better option. It’s cheap and fun. While it did cost me a little money to get my Ruger 10-22 youth model back up to speed, it was worth every penny.

A Tapco Intrafuse® stock provides the length of pull I need as an adult, and the tactical look and rail space I love as a big kid. My old kidy rifle has evolved into a tactical plinker. Now my 10-22 sports a vertical grip, bipod,  red dot sight, flash hider, and a handful of 30 round magazines. It’s hard for me to not go out and shoot at least one day a week now.

The .22 addiction has spread to friends, so I’m never alone when shooting time comes. We can spend 2 or 3 hours shooting, and spend less than $20 between the two of us.  If we’re making the shots count a couple bulk  boxes of ammo will keep you busy all day, but it’s cheap enough you can dump every mag you have just for fun.

The latest addition to my .22 arsenal is my Sig Mosquito. Why not work on those pistol skills too?  Target plinking is fun, but I think making up a little run-n-gun game will be more fulfilling, and will help tune our shooting skills.  and Soon we’ll be working on a little course to run to practice swapping from rifle to pistol and from standing to crouching to prone.

If you enjoy shooting, but don’t want to break the bank, get out the .22s and have some fun. If you don’t have one, its 100% worth the investment. It’s a gun every one can shoot – even your kids.