Texas Fallow Deer Hunt

Texas Exotic Deer Fallow Hunting

Moving has kept me from settling into any type of hunting opportunities over the past couple of years except for my visits home over the holidays. Not long after I moved to Texas, I decided to go on an exotic hunt to satiate my itchy trigger finger and to fill my empty freezer. There are many Texas outfits that offer a wide variety of exotic game hunts. One of my favorite resources for available hunts is the Exotic Hunting in Texas Facebook group. It’s a great place to find good deals on hunts. 

Exotic hunting operations usually provide safari style hunts. The guide and hunter will cruise the property in a vehicle to look for animals, stoping occasionally to glass and judge the animals from a distance. In more dense cover, the hunter and guide will set out on foot to spot and stalk. For me, the time spent on foot made the experience much more of a hunt than if we had driven around all day. After spotting the animal you want to take, the hunt is on.

The pursuit is very situational. If the animal you’ve decided to go after is in the middle of a huge pasture, like mine was, it’s as simple as slipping into range without spooking the game. If your quarry is in thick cover, you’ll get enjoy a stalk through cover to finally get a shot off.

Hunting on a game ranch for exotics may not be for everyone, but it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Hunters can choose to hunt a variety species from all over the world, and exotic hunts are available all year long. The nearly guaranteed success rate also a huge factor. If you decide to go on an exotic hunt remember, the experience is what you make it. Ask your outfitter what type of terrain you’ll be hunting before you book the hunt. If you want a more challenging hunt use a bow or muzzleloader. Whatever you do, enjoy the hunt and give respect to the animal you harvest.