Goodbye Cheaper Than Dirt

I’ve never spent a dime with CTD and I never will. They’ve made a lot of bad moves in the past month, including the suspension of all gun sales from their website the day after the Sandy Hook incident, and extreme price gouging on AR magazines.

Check out some of these screen shots.


Here’s CTD’s Facebook Post notifying their customers of the suspension of gun sales and the promise that they “will continue to be the leader in the outdoor industry.”

Cheaper than Dirt’s decision to stop gun sales because of the Sandy Hook incident shed a negative light on both gun retailers, and gun owners. Rather than standing for the Second Amendment rights of Americans, they immediately stopped gun sales so no one could blame them for the actions of a psychopath, but they had a different excuse.

Cheaper than dirt $99 AR magazine


Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.24.35 AM

These GI Magazines would typically sell for less than $15, but the day after Sandy Hook, Cheaper than Dirt hoisted their price to $99.97, and has since increased them to $129.97! Sure, they have them in stock where most retailers are out of stock, but at 10x the price, I’m sure they have plenty in inventory.

Cheaper than dirt P Mag $59

P-Mags saw a price jump as well, but only to $59.97, even though P-mags are typically more expensive and preferred to the GI magazines.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.24.38 AM

These Beta C Magazines usually sell for $250-$300, check out CTD’s Panic buyers “Low price” special – $699.97!

Why would anyone support a retailer that’s clearly trying to take advantage of it’s customers? Regardless of how good the price is, or how much I may need a new magazine, the scumbags at Cheaper Than Dirt will never get a dime from me, or another page view. I encourage you to do the same.