$3 EDC Flashlight – MXDL 3W

Can’t bring yourself to spend $35 on a flashlight for your EDC? After getting in the habit of carrying my FourSevens Preon 2, I always have a light in my pocket now. The Preon 2 is a great light, but it isn’t cheap. After having the misplaced the thing a few times, I’ve looked around and picked up a few super affordable lights to carry instead of risking loosing my Preon permanently.

In comes the MXDL 3w. This little light is perfect for my EDC needs. It’s light, compact, turns on when I push the button, and off when I push it again.

Push button flash light single mode

MXDL Specs

  • 3W LED (70 Lumens)
  • Powered by 1 AAA Battery
  • Single Mode
  • Push Button Tail Cap
  • Pocket Clip
  • 1.6-3.7 hour runtime
  • Aluminum Body
  • 0.85 oz (without battery)
  • 3.62″ (L) x 0.55″(D)MDXL 3W pocket light

It’s hard to beat the MDXL as a carry option. At 3.5 inches and less than 1oz, good luck finding a light as bright, rugged and as affordable as this one. The single AAA powered light is O-ring sealed at both the emitter head and tail cap, but don’t plan on diving with it. The rings are enough to keep it functioning after a drop in a puddle or a creek while hiking.

Cree LED lightThe tail cap snaps positively and shouldn’t actuate in the pocket. The Preon 2 had that problem, forcing me to pick up the flat tail cap to keep from accidentally turning the light on. The single mode light gives you about 70 lumens on a fresh battery that should run at least 3 hours or so.

This light is great to carry in the pocket or clipped onto the pocket with the provided clip. The clip is strong and offers a firm hold.

The MXDL is available here for $2.99 with free shipping. For the big spenders out there the red version will cost you an extra 17 cents.

This isn’t the only light I’ve picked up from Tmart.

Here are a couple others I’ve procured:

  • UltraFire MCU-C7 – 5 mode, CR123 Battery,  CREE R5 LED
  • Beam Tech XPE-R2  – Single Mode, AAA Battery,  CREE Q3 LED
    **not actually 1000 lumens it’s 150 lumens, tops**