Baton Rouge BREC Pond Fishing

Baton Rouge LouisianaFishing the BREC ponds of Baton Rouge is new to me. Being new to the area these local ponds are the easiest to access. While they’re not overflowing with those big Mississippi River catfish, there are plenty of fish to catch in these little ponds.

Fishing close to the bank near the edge of the alligator grass that surrounds the perimeter, you’re guaranteed to get a nibble or two. Be prepared to bait your hook often however, most of the fish close to the bank are barely more than minos. It’s till good fun to throw on a small panfish hook, and pick a few of them off when it’s slow. The further out you cast the more likely you are to hook onto something larger.

Bass in the BREC ponds usually pretty eager to strike, at least the smaller ones are. I’ve picked up a couple using a standard Rapala, working the bait parallel to the bank. Lately the water has been clear enough to bass schooling. Most of them are a pound or less but there are a few that have to be in the 4-5 lb range. The pond has a large school of shad that keep the bigger fish distracted from artificial baits.

The bream are easy to please. A worm on a small panfish hook under a small float is all you need to catch a few. Like the bass, most of the bream are small, but there are some keeper sized fish mixed in here and there. The benefit of using a small hook is that you can catch the big ones, and the small ones too. No need to waste your bait right?

After talking to a few of the regulars around the pond, I’ve learned that in the cooler months the BREC (Baton Rouge Recreation Department) stocks some of their ponds with rainbow trout. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into a few of them soon.

Here are a few photos of the BREC pond I frequent along with some of the monster fish the pond holds.