Grey Ghost Gear Stuff Sacks

Grey Ghost GearNeed some organization in your pack? You need to pick up a couple of sets of these Grey Ghost Gear stuff sacks. Ten bucks gets you 3 ripstop nylon, or mesh stuff sacks in 3 sizes. The sacks feature drawstring closures with toggles, a bottom handle loop, and the Grey Ghost logo patch. For the price, these bags are unbeatable.

The Grey Ghost mesh sacks come in a set of thee.  The set includes a 5″ x 8″, 6″ x 12″, and 7″ x 14″ bag. They’re constructed of a high quality mesh that allows for some stretch, so you can really pack these bags. The small mesh bag is perfect for small loose items, or a hammock stuff sack. The 2 larger bags will hold larger gear, or a change of clothes.

The Grey Ghost ripstop sacks come in a pack of three containing a 6″ x 15″, 7″ x 17″, and a whopping 9″ x 20″ bag. The ripstop nylon is lighter than the mesh and it’s also water resistant. They’re not dry bags, but they’ll offer another layer of protection from water inside you pack. The lack of stretch in the bags also allows for some compression of bulky items like sleeping bags. A small tent or tarp fits nicely in the small bag, while the medium bag is large enough for a light weight sleeping bag, and the large one…well, it’s the size of a standard backpack, so it will hold just about anything.

Each set has its pros and cons. The mesh gives you flex and breathability and the ripstop is less likely to snag and offers a bit of rain protection. The ripstop bags are also quite a bit larger than the mesh bags. Both the mesh and the nylon stuff sacks are quality made, especially considering the price. The uses for these bags are endless. Get a set or two.