How to Build a Teepee Part 2

The DIY teepee build is finally complete. It took a while, but we finally figured out what we could use as a canvas for our teepee. After ruling out buffalo hide, deer hide, and canvas, we picked up a 35′ surplus GI parachute from Ebay. It was the cheapest and easiest solution we could find.

In part 1 we finished the frame of the teepee. The frame is the teepee, so adding the cover is fairly simple. The rest is simple

Adding the cover:

  • Cut lines/netting from the bottom of parachute, leaving 1 row of netting
  • Cut along seem of parachute from bottom to center, splitting the parachute
  • Cut lines in the center of the parachute in 1/2
    • We used these lines to tie the chute to the teepee
  • Tie a length of rope around the peak of the tee pee to attach parachute.
  • Once the chute has been tied at the top, begin covering the frame.
  • Gather the slack from the excess parachute and draw it between 2 of the frame poles
    • This will leave an A shape for a door
    • If the door opening is too large, tie it off at the desired height.
  • Once the chute has been pulled neatly around the frame, use the bottom netting to stake the material down, or hook it to the fame poles.

We’ve got to finish up the interior, add a small place for a fire, and see how well it vents the smoke. I’m looking forward to spending a night or two in our DIY teepee when the weather cools down a bit.

For now, the finished project is looking pretty dang cool.

Have a look for yourself

Regardless of what your doing, find time to do things with the folks you love. Some may find it odd, two grown men building a teepee in the backyard, but I always have fun working on these little projects with my dad, not to mention its a freakin’ teepee! 

Get outside and have some fun for yourself.