How to Build a Teepee

My dad and I have started working on a new project. Rather than the usual fathers day activities, we started building a teepee. So far it looks cool, it’s just the frame.

I’ve put together a set of instructions and diagrams down below so you can get choppin’ and make your own.


You’ll need: 

  • DIY TiPi building Cordage (550 paracord, rope or any other type should work fine)
  • Machete/chainsaw for cutting poles and clearing limbs
  • A Ladder
  • Too much time on your hands.
The Build:
  1. Cut then (10) 20′ long poles (young trees)
  2. Lash 3 poles together to create a tripod, and set up tripod
  3. Lean the remaining 5 poles against the main tripod
  4. Measure out the base with stake/cord to make it rounded
    • – Eyeball it, and space the poles evenly while your at it
  5. Bind all the poles together at the top of the teepee and then again midway dow
  6. Use the remaining 2 poles to make 8 small support poles and secure them to the main poles with nails/screws/or cord
  7. Once the frame is complete stand around and gawk at your creation

building a teepee tipi tee pee how to

The final product is pretty cool and it only took an hour or two to put together – cutting poles included.

As you can see, it’s about 15′ tall and equally as broad at the base. So there’s going to be enough room to sleep 3-4 people inside. Believe me, when it’s done I will be spending a night or two in it.

The cover for the frame will be our next project. I wish i had a stack of deer hide to use to cover it, but I dont. Until then, if you have any ideas for affordable alternative coverings leave a comment or post it on our Facebook page.

Part 2 will be up as soon as we figure out what to do for the cover. I’m looking forward to finishing it up and having it ready for the fall.