Introducing New Shooters

If you want to keep on shooting, one of the best things you can do is introduce new people to the sport. This past weekend I had the opportunity to do just that. My sister had a group of college friends come down and visit, and she wanted to give them the full “Southern Living” experience. There was lots of sun,  sweet tea, deer on the grill, and BBQ on the smoker, and of course some .22s and 12 gauge.

For  new shooters a .22 is a great caliber to start off with. There pretty much no recoil, not a lot of noise, and its cheap to shoot. I brought my “tactical” 10-22, and Sig Mosquito out for day and showed each shooter, individually as their turn came up, how to operate the gun. Most of the time was spent on the rifle. They learned quick that it’s a more difficult to hit a target with a handgun.  Later in the day we broke out a box of clay birds. The only one to break one was my sister – but she’s had a little more experience than the rest of the group.

The level of engagement was amazing to see. For 2+ hours everyone took turns shooting, asking questions, and getting better each round. The group started out with a metal spin target at ~35 yards, and were shooting at ~60 later in the day.

I encourage you, if you ever have the opportunity to introduce someone to shooting, fishing or hunting DO IT! You won’t regret it, just be safe, be patient, and have fun.

Here are some photos of the fun: