Super Bowl Sniper Security

It seems U.S. Tactical Supply posted some photos on their Facebook page that caused quite a bit of commotion, and according to, U.S. Tactical Inc. pulled them after the comments got out of control. One of the photos has been re-posted since the initial uproar.

U.S. Tactical claims in comment under the photo that photos were taken before the game (obviously it wasn’t durring the game there where very few people in the stands), and that “Binoculars were used for observation during the game and NOT the rifle!!” The post also claims round was never chambered in rifle, and that the rifle was only mounted to get “pictures of the form fit and function of the DCLW Tripod”.

Apparently many people are were upset to find that there may have been guarded by snipers inside and out of the super bowl, but what do you expect at an event that draws nearly 70,000 attendees? What do you think about the big games security measures?