Teton Sports Cot Organizer & Gun Sleeve

Here’s a look at a couple more accessories for the Teton Sports XXL Outfitter Cot, the Cot Organizer, and Gun Sleeve and the XXL Outfitter Quick Tent,. Together, you have a one-man base camp that’s ready for anything.

The Teton Sports Cot Organizer and Gun Sleeve are constructed of the same tough 600D Canvas as the XXL Outfitter Cot. Both offer handy storage space for your belongings. The two hang on accessories are quickly attached with velcro straps that will fit onto just about any cot. Bungie loops on the corners attach to the cot as well to help keep the organizer and gun sleeve in place.

The gun-sleeve is fleece lined, offering a safe place to store your firearm without worrying about it falling or being scratched. The sleeve is designed to accomodate guns with or without scopes. The 40″ sleeve may leave longer guns with a bit of stock or barrel exposed, but if paired with the organizer any excess gun length can be hidden behind the organizer.

The organizer provides a number of storage pockets to keep things handy right on the edge of the cot. Here’s a rundown of the pockets:

  • Fleece lined pocket for sunglasses
  • Deep mesh pocket
  • Large zippered pocket
  • Key tether
  • Small mesh pocket
  • Cellphone pocket
  • Flashlight/pen pocket
  • TP holder

While using the Teton Sports XXL Outfitter Cot Tent with rainfly, items should stay relatively dry in case of rain, but both accessories is best suited for use under a canopy, or a large tent or cabin, because no one wants to use damp toilet paper.

The organizer and gun sleeve are great accessories for long term cot use. If you’re going to be at camp for a week or more it’s nice to have a place to keep everyday items outside of your pack.

The organizer and gun sleeve can be folded and packed up with the Teton Sports XXL Outfitter Cot since there is plenty of room in the carry bag. Just place the folded organizer and gun sleeve on the top of the cot, and fold up as usual. This keeps the accessories out of the way, and with the cot for your next adventure.

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