Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Cot Review

If your looking for a oversized cot to make your camping experience a little more comfortable, here it is. The Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Cot is a hulk of a cot compared to a standard GI cot.

The XXL measures in at 85″ long, 40″ wide, and 19″ high. That’s bigger than a standard twin bed! Of course size equals weight. The XXL weighs in at 26 lbs, but remember this bed is rated to hold up to 600 lbs. Teton goes to the extreme to show the strength of this cot, standing 7 adult men on one cot, to demonstrate its strength.

The XXL assembles like any standard cot. Fold out the frame, and insert the 2 aluminum cross bars and both ends of the cot, and snap them on to pull the canvas taunt. After use, disassembly is just as easy, and the cot packs away easily in its carry bag.

Sleeping on the  Outfitter XXL is great. It gets you off the ground and onto a more comfortable sleeping surface. There’s plenty of room to reposition yourself if needed, and its long enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about your feet hanging off the end, or your pillow falling off the other.

If you plan to take this cot camping, be sure your tent is large enough, this is a big cot remember. The XXL fits perfectly in my 8 person cabin tent, but it goes from one side of the tent to the other, so you’ll probably have to put it in the back of the tent so no one has to hurdle over you in the middle of the night. The XXL is tall enough all your gear should slide right underneath, to help maximize your tent’s floor space.

Need a spare bed? Camping in style isn’t the only use for a cot like this. The Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Cot makes for a great guest bed that can be stored in a closet. It takes up less than 1/2 the space of those goofy roll away beds, and I’d much prefer sleeping on this rather than an air mattress that would most likely leave me lying on the floor before the night is over with.

Teton has fantastic customer service. The cot I originally purchased had some minor problems. A couple of pins/bolts in the one of the legs of the cot were not fully secured, causing them to fall out when setting up and taking down the cot. I contacted Teton and they quickly sent me a new one.

Teton also provides some great accessories for this product. Their Outfitter XXL Camp pad is made to fit the cot, giving added comfort, and the convenience of a integrated pillow pocket, and a zippered storage pocket for keys, or a cell phone. If your camping out alone, the Cot Tent is an amazingly innovative option. That’s right, the tent fits right on top of the cot and fastens to it, keeping you sheltered without having to set up a tent tht’s large enough to house the cot. Great idea Teton.

Just announced and new for 2012, Teton has introduced a cot organizer for keeping all your necessities close by, and a gun sleeve to keep your firearm off the ground, and out of the way.

TETON Sports Cot Accessories  TETON Sports Cot AccessoriesPocket organizer accessory holder for TETON XXL Outfitter CotGun sleeve holder for TETON Sports XXL Outfitter Cot
Teton has an entire line of backpacks, duffles, tents and cots you can check out on their website http://www.tetonsports.com

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