Teton Sports XXL Outfitter Quick Tent

My Teton Sports XXL Outfitter Cot is seeing a bit more action these days thanks to a few more products from Teton. The XXL Outfitter Cot is the platform for a number of accessories including the XXL Outfitter Quick Tent, Cot Organizer, and Gun Sleeve. Together, you have a one-man base camp that’s ready for anything.

The single person Quick Tent has plenty of space for you and whatever gear you need to keep dry. The tent’s 81″x 30″ footprint fits perfectly on the XXL Outfitter Cot, but can be used on just about any oversized cot or right on the ground. The tent can be quickly secured to an oversized cot with the six bungie attachment points. The bungie loops allow the tent to flex without stressing the fabric or seams when anchored to a cot.

The tent’s walls, floor and rainfly are constructed of bright yellow 2000MM PU coated 75D Taffeta polyester. The upper ⅔ of the tent is constructed of mesh for maximum ventilation. The large door mimics the construction of the tent walls. It features a pair of zippers with reflective zipper pulls, and can easily be folded out of the way with a pair of toggle loops.

Teton Sports Cot Organizer Gun Sleeve Single Person Tent Tent for ATV Camping Attached Guy Lines  Vestibule guy lines cot atv

The rainfly fits easily over the tent poles and sits away from the mesh upper of tent, allowing it to breath. Guy lines are attached on the rainfly and velcro loops attached inside the rainfly, behind the guy lines, can be secured to the tent poles for added stability on windy days. For maximum breathability the rainfly should be guyed out on all corners and in front. Basic tent stakes are included with the tent for the guy lines.

A vestibule is built into the front of the tent’s rainfly. It can be rolled away on one or both sides to expose the door for more airflow. The vestibule adds asmall area of cover keeping water out of the tent wile entering the tent in the rain. A zipper allows quick access to the tent door.

This tent is all a Teton down to the smallest details. Along with the Teton branding on the tent and rainfly, both the zippers and zipper pulls are adorned with Teton logo, and the Teton name is printed on all the plastic toggles. I appreciate that level of attention to detail. It shows a companies pride and confidence in their products.

Zipper pulls branding heavy duty zippers Bungie toggles oversized cot attachment Teton logo rainfly dew polyester polyurethane PU

The most impressive thing about the XXL Outfitter Quick Tent is it’s set up time. It takes just seconds to get the tent out of its carry bag and set up. The tent’s hub system makes it lightning fast. Unroll the tent, lock the leg joints, pull the draw string, and you’re done. The rainfly simply clips on at each corner of the tent.

Quick teardown/setup Hub system for quick setup Clip-on Rainfly

If you’re planning on using this tent on the ground, I would suggest picking up a cheap tarp and cutting out a fitted groundsheet for added water and abrasion resistance on the floor of the tent. Teton includes a handy clip buckle strap to secure the tent after it’s been rolled up tight, so there’s plenty of room in the carry bag to accommodate a groundsheet. A groundsheet only add a few ounces to the 4lb tent package.

Obviously the Teton XXL Outfitter Quick Tent is a great option for solo camping. On outings where weight isn’t a factor, Like ATV and 4×4 excursions, the cot/tent system is a great option due to the heavy duty 26lb XXL Outfitter Cot. With the tent, cot, organizer, and gun sleeve, you’ve got everything you need in once place. This tent is also a great item to keep in a vehicle or a Bug Out Bag for any “just in case” senario. If your planning a family camping trip, the XXL Outfitter Quick tent is a great option for a kids tent as well.

However you choose to use this tent, you’re sure to be impressed with the quality construction and the nearly instant setup.

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5 Responses

  1. dannytheman says:

    I have had my Teton XXL set up, cot, pad and tent for 3 month now. I love the heck out of it. I drive a Chevy Silverado 1500, and the cot fits in the rear bed of the truck(with tailgate down)
    Plenty of room to sleep in comfortably.
    I have one complaint. The rain fly needs to be longer. It needs to go over all of the cot, maybe down about 4 to 6 inches past it? I also have the gear bag, which would be partially covered if the rain fly was longer. I awoke with a soaking roll of toilet paper. (LOL) When it rains the XXL pad gets wet, and water puddles in the cot. I have since made a tarp cover suspended over my truck bed and supported by PVC. But I wouldn’t need it if the rain fly was longer.

  2. dave says:

    Great point made by Dannytheman. I had the same concern and contacted the Teton Sports customer service. They told me they have a rainfly that covers the entire cot for $29. Here is a link to the Elite Rainfly on our site: http://store.tetonsports.com/elite-1009-rainfly/

  3. Randy M. Lish says:

    The link to get the elite rainfly no longer works. Where can I find the larger rainfly?

  4. Christie says:

    If you call or email teton customer service they will sell you the elite rain fly. They actually called me to process the credit card over the phone.

  1. October 22, 2012

    […] accessories for the Teton Sports XXL Outfitter Cot, the Cot Organizer, and Gun Sleeve and the XXL Outfitter Quick Tent,. Together, you have a one-man base camp that’s ready for […]

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