Dehydrated Breakfast?

I have recently starting going camping again and I have been trying to figure out what is the easiest to prepare camp food while still being somewhat tasty. I wanted something light enough for backpacking and easy to cleanup afterwards. I decided to try dehydrating two different foods and see how they taste.

My first attempt was eggs and they are fairly easy to dehydrate. I first scrampled the eggs using no kind of fat or oils.  Once they had cooled i loaded them into my dehydrater and let them dry for most of the day.  Once they were ready, I chopped them up using a blender. This was really loud – like putting rocks in a blender, but it did the job. I packaged them in snack bags in what I figured would be about 2 or 3 eggs each.  The final test was to rehydrate them and eat. Well they hydrate into what seems like a small pile of sand but heat up well and are edible. Nothing like a fresh egg but wasnt horrible. I mixed in some dehydrated peppers and tomatoes to make a omelet. This will not be my first choice but I may try it again.

My next crack at this would be dehydrating shrimp for shrimp and grits. I purchased a one pound bag of cooked, veined and peeled shrimp that was 100-150 count size. I loaded them onto my dehrdated and let it dry overnight. They dried very well and stored them in small plastic bags. To keep them for an extended amount of time I would advise putting the bags in a mason jar then placing it in the freezer after drying them. To rehydrate take out desired amount and soak in water (warm if possible) for about 10 minutes or so. You can look at them and see when they are ready. While they where hydrating I boiled my water for the grits and mixed to the right consistency then added my shrimp. Now this turned out pretty tasty and I would recommend this as a great backpacking food.

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