Bear Hunting Laws, Rules & Regulations

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Many different types of bears are legal to hunt in the United States of American. However, there are many different laws and regulations in place when it comes to bear hunting. Thanks to the complex legal society in America you’ll find that laws vary between states and for different types of bears. It’s generally a good idea to find out all the laws and regulations prior to going on a bear hunt. The penalties and fines for breaking laws regarding to hunting, especially bears can be severe.

Each state that you hunt bear in will require a hunting license and a special permit to hunt a specific type of bear. Your permit will allow you to hunt a specific gender and bear species. This is done to protect bear populations through the United States and helps fund conservation in that state. Failure to hunt the proper species or gender can result in heavy fines and in some instances jail time.

You’ll need to make sure you know all the laws regarding bear hunting in the state you plan to hunt in. For example, in Alaska to hunt specific types of bears as a non-resident you need to have a guide present. Below is a list of each states official website in regards to hunting, permits, licenses and laws. It’s a good idea to go over this list since some states have some odd laws.

Bear Hunting Law Resources

The below list is of every single state’s wildlife division or department. These websites are run by the states government, so you can be assured you’ll get the correct information and most up to date information. You should also contact that department via phone to make sure there isn’t anything else you’ll need prior to starting your trip. Wouldn’t it be a sour apple if you arrived on your trip to find out you don’t have a proper permit and it will take 3 weeks to obtain it!

  • Alabama – Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  • Alaska – Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • Arizona – Arizona Game and Fish Department
  • Arkansas – Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
  • California – California Department of Fish and Game
  • Colorado – Colorado Division of Wildlife
  • Connecticut – Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
  • Delaware – Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
  • Florida – Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Georgia – Georgia Wildlife Resources Division
  • Hawaii – Department of Land and Natural Resources
  • Idaho – Idaho Fish and Game
  • Illinois – Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • Indiana – Indiana Department of Natural Resources
  • Kansas – Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
  • Kentucky – Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
  • Louisiana – Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
  • Maine – Maine Hunting Information
  • Maryland – Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Massachusetts – Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Michigan – Michigan Natural Resources & Environment
  • Minnesota – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Mississippi – Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
  • Missouri – Missouri Department of Conservation
  • Montana – Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
  • Nebraska – Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
  • Nevada – Nevada Department of Wildlife
  • New Hampshire – New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
  • New Jersey – New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
  • New Mexico – New Mexico Department of Wildlife
  • New York – New York Department of Environmental Conservation
  • North Carolina – North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
  • North Dakota – North Dakota Game and Fish Department
  • Ohio – Ohio Department of Natural Resources
  • Oklahoma – Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
  • Oregon – Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania Game Commission
  • Rhode Island – Rhode Island Department of Environmental Manafgement
  • South Carolina – South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
  • South Dakota – South Dakota Division of Wildlife
  • Tennessee – Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
  • Texas – Texas Parks and Wildlife
  • Utah – Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
  • Vermont – Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department
  • Virginia – Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
  • Washington – Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • West Virginia – West Virginia Wildlife Resources
  • Wisconsin – Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • Wyoming – Wyoming Game and Fish Department