Can You Bow Hunt During Shotgun Season in Illinois? Knowing the Rules

The Short Answer

Yes, bow hunting is allowed during gun season in Illinois. However, there are some important restrictions and considerations that hunters should be aware of before heading out into the field.

Laws and Regulations

According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), hunters must possess a valid firearm deer permit to hunt during gun season. Additionally, all bows used for hunting during this time must meet certain specifications: they must have a minimum draw weight of 125 pounds at the archer’s full draw and use broadheads with an outside diameter of at least 7/8″.

Safety Tips

As with any type of hunting, safety should always be a top priority. During gun season, it’s especially important for bow hunters to take extra precautions since they may encounter other hunters who are using firearms. Some tips include wearing blaze orange clothing so you can be easily spotted by others in the field, avoiding areas where guns are being fired if possible, and maintaining good communication with fellow hunters.

Benefits of Bow Hunting During Gun Season

While it may seem counterintuitive to use a bow when guns are also permitted, there are actually several benefits to doing so. For one thing, bow hunting requires greater skill and patience than using a firearm – which can make for a more rewarding experience overall. Additionally, because many people opt for firearms during this time period, there may be less competition for prime hunting spots if you decide to go the archery route.

In conclusion: yes, it is legal to bow hunt during gun season in Illinois! Just make sure you’re following all relevant regulations and taking appropriate safety precautions before heading out into the field. Happy hunting!