Michigan Deer Hunting Season: How Long and What You Need to Know


Deer hunting season is a thrilling experience for many hunters in Michigan. It’s a time when people can test their skills and enjoy the great outdoors, surrounded by nature. But how long does this season last?

The Seasons

In Michigan, there are varying deer hunting seasons depending on the type of weapon you plan to use. For example, firearms have their own separate hunting season that runs from November 15th to November 30th. Archery season starts much earlier and lasts from October 1st to November 14th.

Licenses Required

To hunt during any of these seasons, you will need to obtain an appropriate license first. The state offers different types of licenses based on residency status and age group; however, they all require completion of a hunter safety course before purchasing one.

Rules and Regulations

It is essential to note that deer hunting in Michigan has strict rules and regulations set up by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). These laws are designed to protect both hunters’ safety as well as the environment around them while still allowing people opportunities for successful hunts.


Overall, it’s important for anyone planning on going deer hunting in Michigan to ensure they know what type of weapon they want to use or have access too – whether bow or firearm – as well as obtaining appropriate licensing beforehand so they can enjoy their experience without worry about not following state laws/regulations!