How Much Does a Deer Hunting License Cost in Wisconsin?


Are you an avid deer hunter looking to get a hunting license in Wisconsin? If so, one of the first questions on your mind might be: How much is a deer hunting license in Wisconsin? Well, it depends on several factors. In this blog post, we’ll break down the different types of licenses available and their associated costs.

Resident vs. Non-resident Licenses

The cost of a deer hunting license varies depending on whether you’re a resident or non-resident of Wisconsin. As of 2021, the price for a resident adult annual gun deer license is $24, while non-residents will pay $160 for the same permit. There are also discounted rates available for certain groups such as youth hunters aged 10-17 and disabled veterans.

Add-On Tags

In addition to purchasing a basic deer hunting license, individuals may need to purchase additional tags depending on how many antlerless or buck deer they wish to hunt during each season. Additional add-on tags typically cost between $12-$20 per tag and can be purchased online through the Department of Natural Resources website or at authorized sales locations statewide.

Hunting Permits

If you plan on bow-hunting or muzzle-loading during specific times throughout the year, additional permits must also be obtained in order to legally hunt those seasons in Wisconsin. Archery permits cost about $26, while muzzleloading permits run around $21 each.


While determining how much your upcoming Deer Hunting License will actually cost may seem overwhelming with all these various options available; knowing what type suits your needs best ahead-of-time should make things simpler when deciding which option would work best for both yourself & budget-wise too! So why not head over onto ‘Wisconsin DNR’s’ website asap? They’ve got all the necessary information that you’ll need to get started on your next Deer Hunting License purchase. Good luck!