The Ultimate Guide to Hunting Fall Turkeys


Fall turkey hunting is an amazing activity. Knowing where to find these birds and how to hunt them will make all the difference in your success this season.

Finding Turkeys

Turkeys are most commonly found in areas with a lot of open space, including fields, grasslands, and clearings within forests. They often travel between roosting sites and feeding areas throughout the day. Look for signs of turkey presence such as droppings, feathers or tracks on the ground.

Choosing the Right Gear

Once you know where to find turkeys, it’s time to prepare your gear for your outing. The best type of gun to use when hunting fall turkeys is usually a 12-gauge shotgun with 3-inch shells filled with number four shot. A good quality camouflage pattern clothing should also be considered along with protective and comfortable boots.

Calling Techniques

There are several different calls that hunters can use when pursuing fall turkeys – each serving its own purpose depending on what stage of mating season it is or whether they just want the birds’ attention or calling them in closer for a better shot opportunity.. Practice makes perfect here so invest some time practicing before heading out

Hunting Tips

In order to be successful in hunting fall turkeys consider getting there early enough before daylight so you have ample time to set up blind spots at strategic points near feeding or roosting areas avoiding direct paths used by wild animals since any noise may scare off potential prey too soon.

This year’s fall turkey-hunting season could well turn out great if you follow these tips carefully making sure that safety always comes first. Make sure you plan accordingly; get proper permits from state agencies, check weather conditions beforehand so that your experience would be nothing short of satisfying!