Hunting Spring Turkeys: The Ultimate Guide to Success

Get the Right Gear

To hunt spring turkeys, you need to have the right gear. First and foremost, ensure that you have a good quality turkey call with you. Learn how to use it effectively because this is what will attract the birds towards your location. You’ll also need camouflaged clothing, preferably in brown or green shades to blend in with your surroundings.

Know Where to Look for Turkeys

Turkeys tend to move around from their wintering locations during springtime, so look for them near food sources such as open fields and woodland edges where they can find plenty of insects and seeds for sustenance.

Set Up Your Decoys Strategically

Once you’ve found a suitable hunting spot, it’s time to set up your decoys strategically. Use one or two female decoys along with a male one since gobblers are often attracted by hens. Set up these decoys within 20-30 yards of where you plan on shooting from.

Practice Patience and Be Still

Turkeys have excellent eyesight and can spot movement easily; therefore, practice patience when waiting for them to approach your decoy setup cautiously. They may take their sweet time getting close enough for an accurate shot opportunity since they’re wary creatures – so be prepared!

Avoid Overcalling

Many turkey hunters make the mistake of overcalling when trying to lure in gobblers because they assume more calling means better results–but this could not be further from the truth! In reality, too much calling tends to scare off turkeys instead of attracting them closer – keep it simple yet effective!

In conclusion, hunting turkeys during spring requires proper preparation before heading out into nature: wearing camouflage clothing, having good-quality calls at hand (and knowing how best they work), strategically placing decoys nearby, and practicing patience while remaining still. Don’t forget to keep calling simple and avoid overdoing it as this could scare your target away. With these tips in mind, you’re bound to have a successful hunt!