Is It Legal to Hunt Hogs at Night in Louisiana? Here’s What You Need to Know


Hog hunting is a popular sport in Louisiana. The state has a large population of wild hogs, and they cause significant damage to the environment and agriculture. Hunting hogs helps control their numbers while providing an exciting recreational activity for hunters. However, many people wonder whether it’s legal to hunt hogs at night in Louisiana.

Laws and Regulations

According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, it is legal to hunt feral hogs year-round on private property with landowner permission. However, there are regulations that hunters must follow when hunting at night. Hunters are required to use artificial light sources such as flashlights or spotlights when hunting at night.

Moreover, if you want to use thermal imaging equipment for hog hunting during nighttime hours legally? then it’s important that you obtain a permit from the LDWF before using this technology in your hunts.

Safety Precautions

Hunting wild hogs can be dangerous due to their aggressive nature and sharp tusks; hunting them at night adds another layer of risk. It is essential that all hunters observe safety precautions when hunting at any time of day but especially so during nighttime hunts.

A few safety tips for hog hunting include wearing adequate protective gear such as boots, gloves, long-sleeved shirts/pants made from durable materials like leather or Kevlar (to protect against razor-sharp tusks), carrying first aid supplies including antivenom kits if needed – tourniquets may also be useful since pigs tend not only bite but can also gore with their tusks!


In conclusion, hog hunting is allowed year-round in Louisiana on private land with landowner permission., but make sure you follow all rules & regulations set up by game commissions before going out into the field! If you have any questions concerning rules around hog hunting, it never hurts to contact the LDWF office for more information. So stay safe and have a great hunt!