Tips for Finding Shed Antlers

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Here are some tips on finding shed antlers. Hunting for antlers that deer have shed can

be a frustrating experience. At times it seems easy to find shed and at other times they seem to be impossible to locate no matter how hard you hunt for them. I like to add shed antler hunting to my late season rabbit and grouse hunting trips so that I have more chances of success. If I find rabbits and grouse that is great and if I find sheds that is great. If I find nothing, then at least I got outside and enjoyed some time outdoors.

While this might seem like an obvious tip, the best shed antler hunting is found where the deer are. If you routinely spot bucks that have survived the hunting season in a certain area this is where your shed antler hunting should start. Agricultural and pasture fields are likely places to see late season bucks. Wandering these fields after the antlers have been shed can be productive, but there are other things to look for as well. Fields that require a deer to crawl under or jump a fence to enter create a hotspot for shed hunting. The deer is likely to have an antler knocked off in the fence either climbing through or jarred off on the landing when jumping.

Once you have searched the fence lines, follow the deer trails back into the woods. Keep an eye out for antlers on the trail but what you are primarily looking for is bedding areas. Deer spend a good bit of their time bedded increasing the chances that they will drop their antlers nearby.

While on your hunt for shed antlers keep an eye out for any place that the antler may be knocked off such as small ravines that deer might jump, low hanging brush that might knock them off, and other obstacles.

Another tip for shed antler hunting is to get out as much as possible. Squirrels and other animals gnaw on antlers for their mineral content and you might be surprised at how many other people are in the woods looking for antlers as well. While squirrels work seven days a week expect your human competition to increase on weekends. By hitting the woods in midweek you may improve your chances of finding sheds.