Hunting Deer in Illinois: What Guns Can You Use?

The Different Types of Guns for Hunting Deer in Illinois

When it comes to hunting deer in Illinois, there are a handful of guns that you can legally use. Understanding the different types will help you make an informed decision on which one is best suited for your needs.


Shotguns have long been a favorite among hunters in Illinois. They were once the most commonly used gun when hunting whitetail deer due to their ease of use and ability to take down large game with minimal effort. However, regulations now require shotguns be used only with slugs rather than buckshot or birdshot.


Rifles are another popular option when it comes to hunting deer in Illinois. There are plenty of rifles suitable for this type of hunting including bolt-action and lever-action rifles. It’s important to note that rifle cartridges must also meet specific minimum caliber requirements determined by the state wildlife agency.


Muzzleloaders are firearms that load through the muzzle-end of the barrel (rather than a cartridge). These kinds of guns have become increasingly popular over recent years as they provide a unique challenge while still being effective at taking down big game such as deer.


Finally, crossbows have become an acceptable weapon choice for those who want something easier than traditional bows but not quite like firearms either. Crossbow usage requires additional training from Department-approved programs before becoming certified; however, once certified individuals can utilize crossbows during archery seasons.

Overall, choosing what type firearm will depend on your personal preference and level expertise using various weapons systems—take time researching each option carefully before making any purchases ensuring compliance with all local laws governing their usage within designated areas during specified seasons throughout the year!