West Virginia Hunting Season: What You Need to Know Now

West Virginia Hunting Season

If you’re an avid hunter living in West Virginia, it’s important to keep track of the hunting season schedule. This is because each year there are specific dates assigned for different games that can be hunted legally throughout the state. Currently, West Virginia has various hunting seasons for different animals.

Deer Hunting Season

The most popular hunting season in West Virginia is deer hunting season, which takes place from late November through mid-December. During this period, hunters are allowed to hunt white-tailed and black-tailed deer with a firearm or bow.

Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey hunting season usually occurs during April and May when turkeys begin nesting. During this time, hunters can take either male (turkey) or female (hen) birds with a shotgun or archery equipment.

Bear Hunting Season

Bear hunting season runs from early September through December in certain areas of West Virginia where bears are known to live. Hunters must obtain a special permit if they want to legally hunt black bears during this time frame.

Coyote and Fox Hunting Seasons

For those interested in coyote and fox hunting, there’s no specific season as these species can be hunted year-round across the state without any restrictions on weapons.

In conclusion, knowing what game animal can be hunted at what time ensures that you follow all rules set by local authorities and contribute positively towards conservation efforts while enjoying outdoor activities like such.”