Arizona Hunting Season Guide: Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Hunt


Arizona is a state located in the southwestern region of the United States known for its sunny weather, scenic landscapes, and diverse wildlife. Hunting is a popular outdoor activity among residents and visitors alike who are looking to experience Arizona’s natural beauty while seeking big game.

The Hunting Calendar

The hunting season in Arizona varies depending on the type of animal you’re hunting. There are distinct seasons for deer, turkey, elk, bighorn sheep, javelina, quail, dove and waterfowl. For example: if you’re hoping to hunt deer this year then your best bet would be between September 20th – October 6th or November 22nd – December 8th for Archery Season; October 25th – November 1st or December 6-13th for Rifle Season.

Licenses and Permits

In order to legally hunt any animal within Arizona’s borders hunters must purchase both licenses as well as permits. These can be purchased online through AZGFD (AZ Game & Fish Department) website or at an authorized dealer throughout the state like Walmart Supercenters that sell them over-the-counter with great ease.

Rules and Regulations

Each year before applying hunters should check all rules set by AZGFD because there may be changes made from previous years such as new boundaries due to population growth issues affecting animal habitats across regions like Kaibab Plateau which has become much more populated than it was decades ago leading some animals into danger from hunters encroaching their territory without permission.


If you love being outdoors and enjoy hunting then Arizona offers an array of opportunities during various seasons! Plan ahead so you’ll have everything necessary including proper clothing gear needed based upon time-of-year differences especially during monsoon season when thunderstorms occur statewide starting in July and lasting through September. Always remember to follow regulations, get your licenses permits early, stay safe while enjoying the hunt!