Maryland Hunting Season: When to Get Ready for the Great Outdoors

What is hunting season in Maryland?

If you’re a hunting enthusiast in the state of Maryland, it’s important to know when the hunting season begins and ends. The most popular game animals that are hunted during this time include deer, turkey, waterfowl, and small game species like squirrels and rabbits. Hunting seasons vary depending on the species being hunted as well as geographic location.

When does hunting season start in Maryland?

Hunting seasons typically begin in late summer or early fall with dove and Canada goose hunts kicking things off followed by other upland bird species later into autumn. Deer hunters have their own designated opening day which varies year-to-year but generally falls within the first two weeks of November across much of the state.

When does hunting season end in Maryland?

The length of each hunting season also depends on the specific animal being hunted; for example whitetail deer archery runs from mid-September to late January while turkey hunters can pursue their gobblers during two separate spring weekends (late April & early May). The majority of all other big game and upland bird seasons run through February before closing until next year.

What are some regulations for hunters during this time?

It’s important for hunters to remember that there are strict laws regarding proper licensing and permits prior to heading out into any open fields or woods – plus safety rules apply anytime firearms will be involved. Additionally, bag limits do exist per hunter per species so make sure you know what they are prior to embarking on your hunt! Lastly, many public lands require special permission before access is granted; always check beforehand if unfamiliar with an area’s policies