NC Hunting Season: When and What You Need to Know


If you’re an avid hunter or a novice who’s starting to venture into this exciting activity, it’s essential to know what hunting season it is in North Carolina. Each year, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission sets specific dates for various game species, and as a responsible hunter, you must abide by these regulations. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what hunting season it currently is in NC.

Deer Hunting Season

The most popular game species among hunters in North Carolina is white-tailed deer. The state offers two seasons: archery and firearms. Archery season typically starts mid-September and runs until late October. Firearms season follows from early November through mid-December, with additional days allowed during Christmas week.

Turkey Hunting Season

Spring turkey hunting is another favorite pastime of many hunters in North Carolina. The turkey hunting season usually starts around mid-April and lasts until the end of May every year.

Small Game Hunting Season

North Carolina also offers several small game species that can be hunted throughout the year with different bag limits set for each type of animal such as squirrels (gray & fox), rabbits (cottontail & swamp), raccoons, opossums etc.

Bear Hunting Season

Another exciting game species that draws plenty of attention from hunters is black bears. Bear hunting season begins on October 12th and ends on January 1st every year; however there are some restrictions like bear management units which have different open/close dates within those boundaries so make sure to check before heading out.


Hunting seasons are vital for protecting wildlife populations while providing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite activities responsibly. Whether you prefer deer or turkey hunt or some other types of small games like rabbits or raccoons, always check the regulations before heading out to ensure you’re hunting within the set dates and abiding by all required rules. Happy Hunting!