Ohio Hunting Season 101: When and How to Prepare for the Perfect Hunt


As an outdoor enthusiast, hunting can be one of the most exhilarating experiences. Ohio is a state that boasts a wealth of hunting opportunities throughout the year. However, knowing when hunting season is in Ohio can sometimes be confusing for both seasoned and new hunters.

Deer Hunting Season

Deer hunting season in Ohio begins in September and lasts until February. This period includes archery, gun, and muzzleloader seasons. During the deer-hunting season, hunters can harvest either-sex deer (depending on location) as well as antlerless-only deer.

Turkey Hunting Season

The spring turkey hunting season usually begins late April or early May and runs until mid-May across much of the state. Additionally, there’s a fall turkey-hunting opportunity that starts in October to November for selected counties.

Fishing Seasons

Ohio has several fishing seasons available depending on which fish species you are targeting. The most popular one among anglers is probably bass fishing because it offers plenty of opportunities throughout summer months from June to August when Largemouth bass are actively feeding.

Small Game Hunting Season

Ohio’s small game hunting season commences with squirrel on September 1st through January 31st across all counties where limits apply depending upon locations followed by Rabbit from Nov 6–Feb 28th along with other species like grouse or pheasant being hunted during specific times between Oct-Jan each year providing great options for small game enthusiasts.

In conclusion, understanding what hunting seasons are open for different wildlife species within Ohio will help you plan your next hunt accordingly while staying compliant with local regulations governing these activities so that we may continue enjoying our natural resources responsibly!