The Hunt Is On: What Hunting Season is it in Texas?


If you’re a hunting enthusiast, it’s crucial to stay on top of hunting season dates. In Texas, there are various seasons for different types of game, so knowing which season is currently open is essential. This blog post aims to inform you about the current hunting season in Texas.

Deer Hunting Season

The deer hunting season in Texas varies depending on the region. For most counties in South Texas and some parts of the Hill Country, deer gun season starts from November 7th to January 3rd. However, this may differ for other regions; thus, hunters need to check their county’s specific regulations before heading out.

Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey hunting enthusiasts can take advantage of turkey spring gobbler season from March 20th – April 25th or fall turkey archery-only from September – November. It’s important to note that not all counties permit fall turkey hunts; therefore, checking your county regulations should be a priority.

Dove Hunting Season

Dove hunters can enjoy their sport during two main dove hunting seasons: dove general south and central zone (September-November) and dove general north zone (September-October). As with any other species’ hunt, ensure that you adhere strictly to all rules and licensing procedures when planning your next trip.


Hunting is an enjoyable activity but requires proper preparation and adherence to local regulation policies. Knowing what type of game is available during each period ensures that hunters do not waste time or resources on unproductive trips while helping maintain sustainable wildlife populations across different regions in Texas throughout the year.
Let’s always remember that responsible hunting benefits everyone involved – both humans who participate as well as animals living within our ecosystems!