September Hunting Season: What You Need To Know Before You Go


September is an exciting month for hunters as several hunting seasons begin in different parts of the world. It’s a time when hunters gear up with their rifles, bows and arrows, and other hunting equipment to head out into the wilderness.

Deer Hunting Season

One of the most popular hunting seasons that start in September is deer season. Hunters all over the United States look forward to this season where they can bag some big bucks. However, regulations around deer hunting vary from state to state, so it’s essential for hunters to check local rules before venturing out.

Dove Hunting Season

Dove hunting season typically opens in early September in many states across America, including Arizona, California, and Texas. Dove meat is a delicious delicacy among many wild game enthusiasts. So if you’re looking forward to trying it out or already have developed a taste for dove meat, then dove hunting season should be on your radar.

Bird Hunting Season

In addition to doves, bird hunting also starts during September with pheasant and grouse being two of the most sought after birds by hunters at this time of year. This type of hunt usually takes place near cornfields or tall grass areas where these birds thrive.

Fishing Season

Although not technically considered “hunting,” fishing enthusiasts know that fall is one of the best times to catch fish like salmon and trout because they move into shallow waters making them easier targets for anglers. Many rivers open their doors officially on 1st September which marks the beginning of fishing season across various countries.


For those who love outdoor activities such as hiking or camping – autumn is an excellent time for exploring nature while indulging in satisfying pursuits such as deer or bird-hunting along with fishing adventures too! Whether you are an experienced hunter or just starting, always follow ethical hunting practices and local regulations to ensure a safe and successful season. Happy Hunting!