A Season in Question: Understanding the Type of Hunting Season

The Different Types of Hunting Seasons

Hunting is a popular outdoor activity that has been enjoyed by millions of people for generations. Depending on what you want to hunt and where you are, there are many different types of hunting seasons to choose from. Here are some of the most common ones.

Big Game Season

The big game season typically covers animals like deer, elk, moose, bear and antelope. It usually starts in the fall when these animals begin their breeding season and continues until winter sets in. This type of hunting requires specific permits and licenses that can be obtained through state agencies or private landowners.

Bird Hunting Season

If you’re looking to hunt ducks, geese or other types of birds then bird hunting season is for you. This type of hunting begins in early September and lasts until late January depending on your location. Just like with big game hunting, bird hunters need specific licenses and permits before they can start hunting.

Small Game Season

Small game refers to animals such as rabbits, squirrels and quails which can be hunted year-round depending on the state’s regulations. However, there may be certain times during the year when it’s easier to find them or when they’re more abundant than others.

Bow Hunting Season

Bow hunting is becoming increasingly popular among hunters due to its emphasis on skill rather than just firepower alone. The bow-hunting season usually coincides with either the big game or small game seasons but also includes separate archery-only hunts throughout the year.

In conclusion, understanding what kind of animal species you intend to hunt will help determine which type of seasonal permit/license would work best for your needs this year! Happy Hunting!