South Carolina Deer Hunting Season: When to Start and What You Need to Know


As the temperature begins to drop and the leaves start changing colors, it’s a sure sign that fall is here. And for many hunters in South Carolina, fall means deer hunting season. If you’re new to hunting or just curious about when this highly anticipated season kicks off in the Palmetto State, keep reading.

The Dates:

Deer hunting season in South Carolina typically starts on August 15th with archery season and runs through January 1st. However, there are several different types of seasons within this timeframe that allow hunters to use various types of weapons such as rifles, shotguns or muzzleloaders. It’s important to be aware of these dates before heading out into the woods so you can plan accordingly.

Licensing Requirements:

To legally hunt deer in South Carolina during any of these seasons, you must have a valid hunting license and tags specific to each weapon type. There are also additional requirements for out-of-state hunters who wish to hunt on private land or participate in certain types of hunts. Make sure you review all licensing regulations beforehand to avoid any legal issues while enjoying your time outdoors.

Safety Tips:

It goes without saying that safety should always be a top priority when participating in any type of recreational activity – especially those involving firearms! When deer hunting, make sure you wear hunter orange clothing (required by law), practice proper firearm handling techniques at all times, and familiarize yourself with your surroundings before firing at game.


If you’re planning on going deer hunting this season in South Carolina or anywhere else for that matter- we hope our guide has been helpful for understanding when does deer hunting start? Remember always stay safe while having fun adventures during Deer Hunting Season!