Everything You Need to Know About Hunting Season: When Does It Start?


If hunting is one of your favorite activities, you probably want to know when the hunting season starts. Whether for big game or small game, each state has specific regulations and dates that apply. Hunting season usually occurs during a certain time of year when wildlife populations are at their highest and there is less risk of harming endangered species.

Big Game Hunting Season

The big game hunting season typically varies by state but it generally takes place in the fall months from September through December. This period is chosen because it coincides with the mating season, which makes animals more active and visible compared to other seasons. Elk, deer, caribou, moose and bear are among some of the most popular big-game hunted animals.

Small Game Hunting Season

Fall isn’t only limited to big game as there’s also plenty of opportunities to hunt small game like rabbit or squirrel during this time too. The start date for small-game hunting may vary depending on location but typically starts early autumn around October or November in most states where this practice is legal. Small games require different licenses than those required for larger animals.

Bird Hunting Season

Birds have their own hunting seasons designated by states as well – these can begin anytime between August and January depending again on region-specific rules about what kind bird should be targeted huntsmen should adhere to without fail . Doves tend to kick off bird-hunting activities while others such as ducks come later in falls months progressing towards winter.

Closing Thoughts

It’s important for hunters not only take note of which species they plan on targeting ahead but also keep an ear out for updates regarding regulation changes that could affect their plans especially safety measures concerning firearms usage near public lands along with other aspects related activity itself such tags/permits etcetera so they remain compliant throughout the year. Remember to enjoy your hunt, take caution and always be respectful of nature’s beauty.