Arkansas Deer Hunting Season: 2021 Dates and Tips for Success


As the autumn breeze rolls in, it’s natural for hunting enthusiasts to gear up and start packing their bags. If you’re wondering when deer hunting season is in Arkansas, then this blog post is just what you need.

Deer Hunting Season Dates

Arkansas has a well-defined deer hunting season that spans over four months, giving hunters ample time to explore the vast wilderness of the state. The official dates for deer hunting season fall between October 1st and February 28th every year. But do bear in mind that certain zones may have different opening and closing dates so be sure to check your location’s specific regulations before planning your trip.

Licenses and Permits Required

Before heading out on your deer hunt adventure in Arkansas, it is essential to obtain all necessary permits from the appropriate authorities. If you’re planning on taking part in this thrilling activity as an out-of-state resident or non-resident alien, then purchasing a Non-Resident Sportsman License will be necessary which will include big game tags allowing you to take down one or two animals depending on how much money was spent on your license fees along with other considerations.

Hunting Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out with an interest in exploring this new hobby, there are always tips that can help make any trip more successful while keeping safety top of mind! Some of these include getting familiar with wildlife patterns within each region hunted so as not wasting valuable time waiting around areas where they aren’t prevalent during certain times of day; knowing proper shot placement techniques through research because everyone has their own preferred methods; practicing shooting skills beforehand (preferably outdoors); investing in quality gear such as camouflage clothing; bringing enough food/water supplies; understanding weather patterns prior to departing – especially if trying different regions throughout Arkansas which may have different climate conditions.


Now that you know when deer hunting season is in Arkansas, be sure to plan accordingly and ensure all necessary permits are obtained. Remember to take precautions while out in the wilderness and always prioritize safety above all else. Good luck on your next hunting adventure!