Kentucky Deer Hunting Season: When to Get Ready for the Hunt


As a passionate hunter, it’s important to know when deer hunting season is in Kentucky. This state boasts an abundance of wildlife and exceptional hunting opportunities, which makes it one of the most sought-after destinations for hunters from all over the country.

Archery Season

In Kentucky, the archery season begins on the first Saturday of September and extends until January 18th. During this time, hunters are allowed to hunt using bows or crossbows. Archery enthusiasts can target bucks with velvet antlers during early September while still under their summer coats.

Rifle Season

The rifle season is another popular period for deer hunting in Kentucky that typically commences around mid-November and lasts about two weeks. Hunters use firearms such as shotguns or rifles loaded with slug ammunition to take down their quarry during this season.

Late Muzzleloader Season

For those who miss out on the rifle season or prefer black-powder weapons, late muzzleloader season provides another chance at harvesting a buck. It generally starts after Christmas and lasts until early January, giving you ample time to bag your trophy deer if you missed out on earlier seasons.

Bonus Youth Season

Kentucky also offers a bonus youth-only weekend preceding Thanksgiving Day where only young hunters aged 15 years old and younger are allowed to participate in any legal firearm equipment open for that particular session.


Whether you’re an experienced hunter or new into this adventurous sport, knowing when Deer Hunting Seasons opens up different opportunities throughout these periods will provide memorable experiences getting close up encounters with apex predators like deers surrounded by winding landscapes replete with interesting flora & fauna that make each trip unique no matter how many times visited before!