Arkansas Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go


Are you a hunting enthusiast and wondering when the hunting season begins in Arkansas? This blog post will provide you with all the details about the hunting seasons in Arkansas.

Deer Hunting Season

One of the most popular hunting seasons in Arkansas is deer hunting. The deer season usually starts from September and extends till February. However, there are specific dates allotted for each zone. Some zones even allow antlerless deer to be hunted, but it varies based on county regulations.

Turkey Hunting Season

Another popular season for hunters is turkey hunting, which typically starts from April till May. During this period, there are different timeframes allocated for males and females of turkey species to be hunted. Aspiring hunters need to obtain a permit before going out on their turkey hunt.

Duck Hunting Season

Arkansas has some excellent waterfowl habitats that attract many duck hunters every year. Duck season runs from October through December; however, once again, particular zones have different opening dates throughout that timeframe.

Safety Tips For Hunters

Safety always comes first while participating in any outdoor activity like hunting—wearing bright clothing or using hunter orange gear makes it easier for other individuals nearby who might mistake you as prey instead of an actual person! Furthermore, make sure never to hunt under the influence of alcohol or drugs as they impair your judgment and coordination abilities significantly.


So now that you know when each exciting game animal’s respective seasons are taking place in Arkansas get ready to go with caution and confidence! Although these animals offer thrilling pursuits if safety precautions aren’t followed precisely things can take a dangerous turn pretty quickly- so do your due diligence beforehand!